Woman shares weight loss transformation after making diet and exercise change

Alexandra Miroiu is unrecognisable after losing 2st 12lb. She spoke exclusively to GB News about how she made this huge transformation.

The 24-year-old decided to enlist the help of Ultimate Performance (UP) – a personal training experience that promises “maximum results in minimum time” – in order to achieve her weight loss goals.

Alexandra told GB News: “My journey with UP centred around achieving weight loss and enhancing my overall wellbeing.

“My main goal was to have a better connection with my body, and I also wanted to develop my confidence.”

Alexandra Miroiu before and after weight loss transformation

My main goal was to have a better connection with my body, and I also wanted to develop my confidence

Ultimate Performance

Alexandra hit the ground running with a “rigorous routine”, including diet and exercise. After a month, she was able to apply the principles she had learnt to her everyday life, and she established a consistent routine.

Working hard in the gym was one of the main reasons she was able to see results. She said: “I approached training sessions with determination, finding joy and anticipation in each session instead of dreading them.”

She also benefitted a lot from the trainers at UP. The slimmer explained: “The consistent support from my trainer, communicated through the app and weekly calls, played a pivotal role in guiding me through the programme.

“The positive reinforcement and supportive approach were particularly beneficial, considering my tendency not to respond well to harsh criticism.”

“Proving to myself that I could adhere to a plan became a source of pride. The guidance from UP not only offered insights into nutrition and exercise but also provided a structure that I lacked when attempting independent fitness goals.”

Many people find that working out with a trainer or a fellow fitness enthusiast helps keep them motivated and accountable.

Ultimately, Alexandra’s work with trainers allowed her to develop healthy habits that she carried on with even after her programme ended.

In addition to exercise, people trying to lose weight should follow a healthy diet filled with nutrient-rich foods.

Alexandra Miroiu before and after weight loss transformation

Alexandra dropped a whopping 2st 12lb and has seen an increase in her energy levels

Ultimate Performance

According to weight loss experts, eating a certain delicious breakfast can help slimmers achieve their weight loss goals.

Alexandra continued: “Since my transformation, I’ve noticed significant changes in my lifestyle, such as feeling less tired when walking up to my top-floor apartment and enjoying walking more.

“I feel lighter during walks and have experienced increased energy after workouts.

“Working with UP not only helped me establish a routine but also taught me about training in the gym and proper nutrition. While I’m not an expert, I now have a better understanding of nutrition than before.”