What You Need To Know About Noom

According to WebMD, a calorie deficit is one strategy for losing weight. However, for people who have suffered from eating disorders, counting calories can be a trigger to relapsing into serious and dangerous mental health concerns, per Duke Health. Unfortunately, Noom relies on calorie-counting to help users lose weight. Although this may be an effective method for some, it’s definitely what most people would describe as a “diet.” Considering that Noom prides itself on its psychology-based services, some feel that the tactic is tone-deaf. 

Women’s Health writes, “Even though Noom tells people they don’t have to diet, many think of it as a restrictive eating plan. Some critics say the daily calorie goal is too low and that their food labeling system may trigger disordered eating, especially in those with a history of an eating disorder.”

Oftentimes, the suggested calorie intake for users is very low. When we gave the program a try, Noom suggested that we consume around 1,400 calories a day. Although this may be a viable goal for some portion of the population trying to shed weight, eating such few calories can be a serious struggle for many, especially if they’re leading an active lifestyle.