What is 75 Hard challenge? What to know about workout, diet program

75 Hard consists of six strict lifestyle rules that participants are supposed to follow for 75 days to improve their fitness, health and mental strength.

Fitness programs aren’t what they used to be.

At least, they don’t look the same as they did before social media. What we once knew as simple diet and exercise regimes now come in all different forms, ranging from programs and challenges to “lifestyle transformations.”

Once such wellness challenge has gained popularity across social media and the internet this New Year’s resolution season, catching the attention of people who want to do more in 2024 than simply lose weight.

Known as “75 Hard,” the program debuted in 2019 and has become popular in the online wellness space since. Hashtags like #75Hard, #75HardProgram and #75HardChallenge give a glimpse into just how much interest the 75-day challenge has garnered, with the #75HardChallenge hashtag on TikTok boasting more than 1 billion views.