Using GenAI to Understand Health Care Solutions

“When you’re dealing with medical-related questions about procedures or technology, it’s incredibly important to know that any information provided to patients is current, accurate, and pre-approved,” says Euan S. Thomson, head of the ophthalmology strategic business unit and the digital business unit for Zeiss Medical Technology. “Working with the expert team at BCG, we’ve been able to ensure that everything our GenAI application produces is based on our own approved materials. Those AI-generated responses are then double-checked by a validation module. Knowing these safeguards are in place gives us great confidence in the quality of the application’s outputs and its utility for our customers and their patients.”

Test user feedback has been strongly positive. Practice managers have praised the responses produced by the GenAI application, saying they are likely to be valuable and helpful to their practices. One practice manager wrote, “While I initially thought the value of this would be limited to after-hours responders, I now feel like it would be great to use all of the time.”

In fact, test users judged that 79% of responses produced by the GenAI application were good enough to send directly to patients without any edits. When testers were given an opportunity to customize the application’s settings, the percentage of responses deemed patient-ready without needing any edits jumped to 93%.