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Do you find it difficult to remove all the hair and residue from your brush? You’re not alone…

Cleaning a hair brush can be a hassle. It’s used every day but not necessarily maintained the way that it should be. And as a result, dirt accumulates on the bristles of the hair brush and it can get quite unhygienic if it isn’t cleaned properly.

For some odd reason, despite sometimes seeing the build up on our brush, we still use the accessory to detangle our hair every day without giving a second thought about cleaning it first. Then we wonder why our hair gets greasy so quickly…

To avoid this vicious cycle, you need to clean your hair brush every day or at least once a week!

Why should you clean your hair brush?

Why should you clean your hair brush? Peter Dazeley

If you haven’t realised by now, hair brushes are a real breeding ground for bacteria. If the brush is not frequently maintained, these bacteria can attack your follicles and cause irritation. The everyday accessory contains not only hair and bacteriabut also dead skin, sebum, and loads of dust.

So, if you want a healthy and shiny mane, it is important to clean your hair brush properly.

Tips for cleaning your hair brush

Tips for cleaning your hair brush Shari Sirotnak

Before deep cleaning your brush, first start by removing all of the hair that is attached to it. To do it efficiently, use a comb and pass it between the bristle of the brush. Once that’s done, you can then proceed to thoroughly clean it using one of the following methods:

Simply mix soap and water in a bowl and dip your brush in it. Let it stay in the mixture for a couple of minutes and scrub the bristles with a used toothbrush. Get all the gunk out and then rinse the hair brush and let it air dry.

Not all hair brushes should be dunked in water, especially if it’s made of wood. For these types of brushes, you can use shampoo and a toothbrush to effectively clean the bristles. Simply put a drop of mild shampoo on the toothbrush and scrub. Then run the brush under warm water quickly and let it dry.

Baking soda is well known for disinfecting all surfaces and it’s great for cleaning your hair brush as well. The method is similar to that of soapy water—all you need to do is replace the soap with bicarbonate of soda. For one litre of water, put 5 tablespoons of the product. Leave the hair brush in for a couple of hours and then rinse.

You can watch the video below to get a good look at how to clean your hair brush:

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