Tru Niagen Immune Is a First-of-its-Kind Immune Health Supplement

One of the many health lessons that has become apparent in recent years is the importance of supporting your immune system, which plays an integral role in keeping you healthy. Although it’s easy to recognize that immune health should be a priority, actually making it one can be a challenge – especially when you aren’t fully knowledgeable about how your body functions.

Take, for example, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+. While most people likely don’t know what NAD+ is (or even how to pronounce it), this compound is an essential molecule that your cells need to help generate energy. Without NAD+, none of the vital organs in your body would be able to work. Simply put, NAD+ is absolutely essential for your health, including your immune system.

The best way to boost NAD+ is through vitamin B3 supplements. Vitamin B3 comes in three main forms: niacin (NA), nicotinamide (NAM) and nicotinamide riboside (NR). NA is common in existing products like multivitamins and breakfast cereals, but has a tendency to cause the unwanted side effect of flushing (redness of the face) when taken at high doses. NAM has no visible side effects, but studies show that it inhibits important enzymes for cellular repair. NR is the most recently-discovered member of the vitamin B3 family, and unlike its predecessors has been found to have no attributable adverse effects in published, placebo-controlled clinical studies (such as Martens et al., 2018 and Conze et al., 2019). Plus, NR has a unique property of elevating NAD+ levels far more efficiently than the other two forms.

Tru Niagen Immune is a groundbreaking new health supplement which combines NAD-boosting nicotinamide riboside (or NR), proven immune-boosting ingredients (vitamins D, C, and zinc) and Theracurmin®, a superior form of curcumin. By utilizing NR as a key ingredient, Tru Niagen Immune gives your cells much-needed support to help counterbalance immune stress. When you’re dealing with immune health challenges, your supply of NAD+ can be greatly diminished. Tru Niagen Immune will increase your NAD+ levels, which will help your immune cells continue to be supported. Combining the cellular defense and repair power of Niagen with proven immune-boosting nutrients (vitamins C, D, and zinc), Tru Niagen Immune offers high-quality ingredient sources with supreme efficacy.

Tru Niagen Immune is available in a single 30-count bottle for $37.50, or you can get it in a combo pack with Tru Niagen’s holistic daily supplement for a total of $84.50. Tru Niagen also offers a discounted subscription plan so you can save a few extra dollars and have bottles sent directly to your home each month.

Tru Niagen® Immune

Price reflects 15% subscription discount

For best results, Tru Niagen recommends taking Immune with its original supplement as part of your daily NAD+ replenishment regimen. Tru Niagen’s original formulation, which is available in 150mg and 300mg serving sizes, is a foundational health solution that similarly leverages NR to increase your NAD+ levels and fuel your body’s mitochondria, which provides necessary energy to your cells. It also helps your cells defend against metabolic stresses; fosters cellular repair to counteract the effects of stress and time on your body; and promotes youthful cellular function to help you age in a healthier way.

Tru Niagen® 150mg

Price reflects 10% subscription discount

With Tru Niagen and the cutting-edge Tru Niagen Immune, making your health a priority has never been easier. Don’t hesitate on this chance to support your immune system and the rest of your wellness at the same time!

Tru Niagen® + Immune Bundle

Price reflects 10% subscription discount

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