Tips to pack a healthy lunchbox for school going children | Health

Here are few tips which will help you to make your child’s lunchbox more tempting and nutritious

ByAkanksha Agnihotri | Edited by Parmita Uniyal, Delhi

Nutritious meals are crucial for over all development of children and now that classes have resumed post-pandemic it is essential for school-going children to consume healthy meals. Therefore the lunch box should be prepared in such a way that they enjoy eating it and also get enough nutrition. We have listed out few tips which can help you to prepare healthy lunch boxes for your children. (Also read: Tips to pack a healthy lunchbox for school going children )

1. Do not use frozen or processed food

Always keep fresh and homemade food items in place of frozen and instant food in the lunchbox. Add some seasonal or fresh fruits in the lunch. In addition to water, fill a bottle with buttermilk, thandai, aam panna, milkshake and fresh fruit juice, this will keep them hydrated.

2. Give some variety

It can get boring to eat only chapati and vegetables every day. Make an effort to combine various ingredients. Stuff the parathas with vegetables rather than packing them plain. Mix in green veggies, cooked pulses, paneer, or tofu with the flour to add flavour while also increasing its nutritional value. You can also use the stuffing to make kathi rolls, paneer wraps etc. Instead of using traditional spices use peri peri masala or maggie masala to enhance taste.

3. Use plenty of vegetables

Use plenty of vegetables while preparing dishes like noodles, pasta or spring rolls. Sprouts, peanuts, peas, and corn are more options. Adding vegetables not only provide energy but it will also protect your child from developing chronic illness.

4. Make small portions

School hours are often long and many times children start feeling hungry before lunch and nowadays they get short breaks of 10-15 minutes. For this keep a separate small lunch box with easy-to-eat items like fruits, sprouts, mathri, salted cashew, dry fruits etc. This will prevent children from feeling fatigue.

5. Choose healthy alternatives

While making desserts or sweets you can replace white sugar with jaggery or dates as well as use plenty of dry fruits. Similarly for cakes and cookies instead of maida use ragi flour or oatmeal.

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