Tips to build healthy relationships, lead a mentally healthy life with partner

Relationships sail through ups and downs by working on commitments and willingness to adapt and change with your partner, irrespective of whether your relationship is just starting out or you’ve been together for years. Even though each relationship is different, there are basic ways to make relationships healthy to increase our happiness, improve health and reduce stress. 

Many of us go through a couple of failed relationships before we find “the one” but remember, the secret to making the struggles through personal life easier is to rekindle the fires of romance. If you are searching for ways to stay connected, find fulfilment and enjoy lasting happiness, we got you sorted by tips from relationship experts that will sure amp up the game for your romantic partnerships.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Anusuya Hazarika, Senior Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist of Counselling and Happiness Cell at Lovely Professional University, listed the following tips:

1. Communication – Listening and feeling heard is extremely important in all relationships be it with a life partner, or with family members.

2. Keep expectations realistic – Most often problems occur either due to unrealistic expectations or because we do not communicate and express our expectations in relationships. No one is a mind reader, nor can they fulfil everything we want them to. So, be real and be vocal about what you expect from the other person.

3. Working through disagreements – Disagreements are inevitable. The problem is not that we argue, it is how we argue, fair argument is crucial, meaning not to demean the other person but to keep your view and have flexibility if required.

4. Take care of yourself too – Do not forget yourselves. A person who is happy with herself/ himself can only keep others happy. Also, we usually assume that keeping us happy is other people’s job may be partners. But it’s not. Each one of us needs to take care of ourselves like we care for others, love ourselves, and appreciate ourselves.

Bringing his expertise to the same, Siddharth S Kumaar, Founder of NumroVani and Astro Numerologist, suggested:

1. Learn the magical 10:1 ratio – The secret to healthy relationships lies in the scientifically approved magical ratio of 10:1. According to the 10:1 ratio, balance every negative interchange with at least 10 happy interactions.

2. Blossom with “Relationship Rituals” – Every couple should create a daily/weekly ritual that involves just the two of them. For instance, daily 10 minutes of chit-chat before going to bed, a playful date every weekend, re-watching your favourite movie together every month, and going for a trip after every quarter.

3. Transparent communication – Assuming your partner knows you so well that you shouldn’t need to be vocal about your needs sets unrealistic expectations. Don’t hold back from being vocal about your emotional and physical wants. Don’t leave your partner guessing.

4. Have discussions, not fights – It’s inevitable for a relationship to survive without disagreements. So, the next time your partner hurts you or you don’t agree with them, don’t slay them with sarcasm, taunts, and jeers. Instead, follow a practical approach. Commence things undramatically with a calm, composed voice while logically stating the facts and how you expect them to bring changes.

5. Wear your Love Enhancer – Its inevitable in this fast-paced world to avoid disagreements and even with utmost care, misses are bound to happen. Hence, having a companion with you which enhances love in your life 24×7 is absolute essential and nature has gifted us magical crystals and gemstones which can be that companion of ours. Select your love enhancer crystal based on DoB and name, wear it for round the clock benefits.

Encouraging to clean up your mind to have a healthy relationship, Acharya Prashant, Vedanta teacher and Founder of Prashant Advait foundation, shared:

1. Know the source of relationships and health – The quality of your being is the quality of your mind. All our relationships emanate from the mind. The quality of your relationships will be the same as the quality of your mind.

2. Examine your mind – The depth of one’s love, the courage of one’s truth, the flight of one’s freedom, the simplicity of one’s beauty- all these depend directly on the quality of one’s mind. In a mind that is simple and innocent, the relationships will be direct and loving. In a mind corrupted by conditioning, fear, and ignorance, the relationships will be tainted with greed, expectations, and fear.

3. What is your objective?- If you really can relate to someone who can bring a certain elevation, beauty, and understanding to your life, nothing like it. But then, that has to be the objective in the first place before you enter the relationship. And that they cannot be merely the objective of that particular relationship, that has to be the objective of your entire life, your twenty-four-hour activity.

4. This is what love is – a composed, relaxed mind. To put it simply, to love the other is to have a healthy relationship with the other and for the mind to have a healthy relationship with the other, first of all, the mind must be healthy in itself. The relationships of a healthy mind are called loving relationships.