This healing face mist quickly became my holy grail acne product

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It’s my humble opinion that — as someone with very acne-prone skin — most popular face mists are absolute trash. While the refreshing scented water spritz was glorious, it was never worth the irritation, breakouts or extra cash. So, I avoided them all.

Thanks to Accutane and a consistent routine of prescribed retinoids, I’ve been able to keep my reactive skin mostly stable. But with weather changes, my period, consistent mask-wearing, and the (very) stressful time we’re living through, my skin still gets pissed off.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ve wasted a hell of a lot of money on skin care products and am pretty wary of introducing anything new to my routine. But Tower 28’s SOS Daily Facial Rescue Spray made me completely change my aversion to new products.

Tower 28 SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray, $12 – $28

Credit: Tower 28

Credit: Tower 28

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Like most beauty products nowadays, I first saw the SOS Spray on TikTok — and I’m the suckiest of the suckers when it comes to TikTok hype.

Obviously, I love the fact that the beauty brand designs its products with sensitive skin and the environment in mind. In fact, the SOS Spray bottle is made of 100% recycled plastic and is fully recyclable except for the cap. But what really sets this spray apart from the rest of the toners and mists that I avoided like a pile of unfolded laundry on my bed are two things:

First, the face mist is dermatologist-tested and has the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance, meaning it’s free of any known irritants for sensitive and inflammatory skin. Second, it’s a simple, slightly acidic mix of water, salt and the hero ingredient, hypochlorous acid.

Here’s the deal with hypochlorous acid: It’s a naturally occurring acid found in your white blood cells and is a super important part of your immune system. Basically, when your body thinks there’s some kind of infection, it triggers a series of responses that end with the release of hypochlorous acid. While it has similar disinfecting and bacteria-fighting abilities to hydrogen peroxide, it doesn’t kill off any skin cells in the process. And since it comes from the body, the hypochlorous acid won’t attack the necessary good bacteria. Nifty, right?

Credit: Tower 28

Credit: Tower 28

Once I got my hands on a bottle, I started liberally spraying my face with the Tower 28 SOS Spray immediately after cleansing morning and night. While I loved the refreshing pool-like scent, I was wary that anything major would happen. But the next morning, the angry, red maskne cluster on my chin had shrunk to half its size.

Since using the SOS Spray, my breakouts disappear faster, retinoid irritation is few and far between, and miscellaneous cuts and burns heal quicker. I’ve even been using it to set my makeup post-workout and spritzing it on my fresh earlobe piercings when they’re acting up.

Credit: Tower 28

Credit: Tower 28

If you scroll through the reviews and photos for the Tower 28 SOS spray, you’ll see why I’m so quick to call it a holy grail product. With a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, users cannot stop singing its praises. Reviewers even report spraying it directly in their mask before wearing it throughout the day to combat maskne.

In even more excellent news, the brand just dropped a jumbo-sized refill bottle of the SOS Spray for its birthday. The 16 oz. bottle is the size of four standard SOS Sprays. It is Earth Month, after all. So why not celebrate by investing in giant refill bottles to combat waste?

Tower 28 SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray Refill, 16 oz., $68

Credit: Tower 28

Credit: Tower 28

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I’ve since repurchased the standard-size bottle as well as two travel-sized ones for mid-day refreshing. I’ve also aggressively pushed it on all of my friends and family to the point of pure menace. Honestly, I cannot wait to stock up on the jumbo bottles for sunburn season. While I’m an SPF 50 daily kind of gal, my pasty skin is still prone to burns. Catch me basically bathing in it and smelling like a pool all summer long, baby!

Here’s my final suggestion for you. If you have any kind of irritation, acne, eczema or sensitivity — even an acid burn from falling into a vat of toxic waste that turned you into a supervillain — you must get this spray. Spray it everywhere. Spray it all the time. You’re very welcome.

You can purchase the Tower 28 SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray for $28 at, and Sephora stores.

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