Thermogenic supplement plus whey protein increases energy expenditure in active adults

The authors note that, to the best of their knowledge, “this is the first study to assess [the effects] of a commercially available thermogenic supplement in combination with whey protein supplementation in active men and women.”

The study examined thermogenic supplements’ impact on body composition, metabolism and subjective variables like mood, sleep quality and eating behaviours.

The research was funded by EHP Labs, which manufacture OxyShred.

More products than research

Athletes use supplements to enhance their performance, boost recovery and improve physical fitness.

These include thermogenic supplements, or ‘fat burners’, which contain a combination of compounds including caffeine, B-vitamins and herbal substances. Approximately 34% of athletes report using energy drinks and 29% use caffeine​.

Caffeine’s effects are well understood. However, other herbal ingredients are less well-studied and understood.

The authors note that, “Importantly, the number and variety of products marketed as fat burners continues to exceed the pace of research on their effectiveness​, while published randomized controlled trials​ in the field have notable issues related to allocation concealment, blinding of participants and personnel, attrition bias and selective outcome reporting.”

“In order for athletes and active individuals to make informed choices regarding the use of thermogenic supplementation, more research examining the chronic effects of these multi-ingredient supplements on a range of important outcomes is required.”