Nursing assistant jailed for shove that led to dementia patient’s death

BALTIMORE — A healthcare employee was sentenced to seven years behind bars following the death of a 75-year old patient in Northeast Baltimore.

Police began investigating May 18 last year,

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Woman, 37, Dies After Herbal Supplements Led to Liver Failure: Coroner

  • A 37-year-old in the UK died after taking herbal supplements, according to a coroner report.
  • The coroner said an Ayurvedic practitioner prescribed the woman herbal supplements to treat her arthritis.
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Healthcare cyberattacks led to worse patient care, increased mortality, study finds

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Dive Brief:

  • More than 20% of the healthcare organizations recently surveyed by
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This powerful LED skin care device that lifts, firms, smooths, and revitalizes is $100 off

Spa at home: this powerful LED skin care device lifts, firms, smooths, and revitalizes your complexion – and right now it’s a whopping $100 off the original price

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