Amanda Holden’s complete diet and exercise regime revealed

Anyone who’s seen Britain’s Got Talent will know that Amanda Holden is the host who’s always up for a laugh, and turns out she doesn’t take her health or fitness

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Victoria Beckham’s Complete Diet & Exercise Routine

What Is Victoria Beckham’s Diet?

While exactly what Victoria eats day to day varies, she’s a stickler for a healthy, balanced diet. 

“I enjoy eating healthily,” she told The Times

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21 students to complete certified nursing assistant program | News

IN a few more days, 21 students will become certified nursing assistants and can be employed at the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. or at any local clinic.

At the same time,

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The Blue Zones Diet: A Complete Scientific Guide

To get an idea of what following the Blue Zones diet looks like, check out this week’s worth of sample menus to get started. There aren’t portion sizes on this

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