Simple Tips for a Happy and Healthy Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day has arrived, a fun long weekend and the unofficial end of summer. For some, LDW is an epic excuse to eat ALL the burgers, drink ALL the seltzers, and buy ALL the things on sale. Do you really need that new vacuum? That’s not for us to decide, you do you, fam.

But we actually see this as an amazing opportunity to kickstart some healthy habits before the fall rolls in. And thanks to our friends at Virtua Health, we’ve got just the right tips and tricks to get you through the long weekend.

Get Active
Organizing a sports day for friends and family is a great way to bring your squad together. Just find the closest field and bring equipment to play the game of your choice. Could be cornhole. Could be soccer. Could be softball. Just get that blood pumping!

Use Sunscreen
Have you ever returned home from a day in the sun, looked in the mirror, and noticed that your skin is as red as a tomato? THE WORST. Everyone knows that you should apply sunscreen when going outside, but here are some extra pointers to avoid unwanted sunburn. First, a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher is ideal, and if you can get waterproof, even better. Second, don’t forget to reapply every 2 hours or anytime you get out of the water!

Technology Cleanse
We spend HOURS in front of screens every day, which can affect our eyes and serotonin. Trying a tech cleanse on your day off is a great way to give your eyes and brain a break. Instead, try filling your time with reading a book, relaxing outside, or thinking back to all the fun you had as a kid before you were glued to your screen.

Schedule Your Fall Health Appointments
Not to be a buzzkill, but the fall is coming up fast! If you’re due for an annual check-up, vaccine, or screening, consider using some down time this weekend to get them scheduled. You will thank yourself later!

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