Pulsara Releases Toxicology & Overdose Patient Type to Streamline Patient Care

The newly expanded platform allows healthcare teams to support toxicology and overdose patients via telehealth and improved communication.

Bozeman, Mont., April 20, 2022Pulsara, the leading mobile telehealth, communication, and logistics platform that unites healthcare teams and technologies across organizations during dynamic events, recently released a dedicated toxicology and overdose patient type that easily connects everyone required for each patient case—from EMS and hospital teams to the poison center and even behavioral health.

With this new dedicated functionality, everyone along the patient care continuum can collaborate securely and instantly, avoiding multiple reports and phone calls. Teams can leverage instant messages, live group video and audio calling, images, audio clips, flowchart notes, and template-driven recommendations, all without a single landline phone call. Pulsara puts consultants, toxicologists, and poison centers on the frontlines through the platform’s instant visual communications to identify a venomous snake or mystery pills, assess a strange rash, or even interpret an ECG.

Pulsara even enables first responders to treat in place when appropriate, equipping EMS with direct communication with hospital clinicians, toxicology or overdose specialists, or even behavioral health experts. Such unified communication helps facilitate unnecessary ED visits and saves time and resources for the care system while providing a better experience for the patient.

“Pulsara’s platform allows flexible interactions in and across any organization, enabling access to the people you need, right when you need them,” said Josh Jordan, former flight paramedic, firefighter, and current Strategic Accounts Manager at Pulsara. “This capability is truly invaluable for toxicology or overdose cases. Clinicians can instantly bring the entire care team together, regardless of location or organization. Pulsara is flexible enough to handle the vast variety of forms toxicology and overdose cases can take.”

With Pulsara’s toxicology and overdose patient type, EMS teams have the option to instantly and securely connect to a hospital or poison center for a consult to determine the best course of action for their patients. With these flexible interactions and the ability to form teams on the fly, EMS teams can even bypass the ED completely, taking patients to the appropriate department or facility to ensure proper and more efficient care.

Through Pulsara’s secure and streamlined communication platform, poison centers can access real-time data, live video, images, and more for the most up-to-date and accurate information on the toxicology or overdose patient. They can join the patient channel, collaborate with clinicians to accelerate the assessment process, and access directly all real-time patient information for enhanced recommendations.

In toxicology or overdose cases where the patient may need additional behavioral health support, Pulsara makes it easy to quickly add behavioral health specialists to the patient channel. From there, behavioral health teams—from crisis counselors to emergency physicians —can quickly get caught up on the case and stay connected as it evolves. Specialists can connect with patients to perform a psychological evaluation or conduct a crisis counseling session via telehealth and document medical clearance. Clinicians can even conduct secure video calls with family or patient support systems.

“Improving the lives of people in need and those who serve them is our purpose at Pulsara,” shared Dr. James Woodson, Founder and CEO of Pulsara. “The value of Pulsara’s new toxicology and overdose patient type extends across the entire healthcare continuum, from EMS and emergency departments to poison centers and even the behavioral healthcare crisis counselors and physicians. We are thrilled to be adding this new functionality in support of both patients and caregivers.”

To learn more about how Pulsara’s behavioral health patient type can help your organization, visit www.pulsara.com/toxicology-overdose.

About Pulsara

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