Healthy Thanksgiving eating tips |

A dietician at UPMC provides healthy eating tips for Thanksgiving Day.

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — Millions of people will gather around the dinner table to dig into that Thanksgiving meal. But health officials say it’s important to think before you eat.

“Thanksgiving and holidays in general are a time when people tend to overindulge. Sodium and other things like calories can really add up quickly,” said April Mase, a clinical nutrition manager at UPMC.

Mase wants everyone to enjoy the holiday and their meal but says it’s important to pace yourself.

“When you are sitting down with your family and just taking the time to socialize and eat slowly, that can help with not overeating,” she said.

Mase recommends a balanced Thanksgiving meal.

“Filling up on fruits and vegetables, making that half of your plate if you can. Make sure you get some sort of good protein on your plate. That will help you so you’re not overeating on those high-carbohydrate foods,” Mase added.

She says water is key when preparing and eating your meal.

“You definitely need to make sure you stay well hydrated throughout the day. So, drinking your water can really help so that you are not feeling like you’re hungry when maybe you just need to drink more,” she stated.

Staying active during the holiday can help knock off some of those calories.

“Maybe you can incorporate some activity after eating too much, so kind of getting outside. Play football with the family, take a walk, take the kids to the park, or do something to keep yourself moving around,” Mase said.

She also recommends portioning what you put on your dinner plate, especially if you plan to make room for dessert.