Healthy Breakfast Ideas: 5 Nutritionist-Recommended Food Tips To Kick-Start The Day

By now, we all know how important it is to have a wholesome breakfast. A fulfilling meal in the morning, loaded with every essential nutrient, helps refuel us and kick-start the day. Besides, a wholesome meal also boost our metabolism, leading to overall nourishment. But let’s agree, cooking a full-fledged meal in the morning, especially during the weekdays, can be super hectic. This is why, people often skip the fuss altogether. But what if we say, we have an easy solution to it?! You heard us. We are talking about quick meals that are nutritious too.

Internet is loaded with tips and tricks to whip up quick and easy meal for the hectic mornings. We recently came across one such post on Instagram that speaks about some healthy breakfast recipes to start the day. These recommendations are shared by nutritionist Anjali Mukherjee.

“The right breakfast can do both – meet your nutritional needs and keep your energy levels high. A typical healthy breakfast consists of a variety of foods – whole grains, low-fat protein or dairy sources, and fruit,” she posted, adding, “And the longer it takes for digestion of any food, the more it diminishes your mental energy.” Take a look.

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Here’re 5 Nutritionist-Recommended Breakfast Ideas To Boost Energy:

1. Egg on toast:

Eggs are man’s best friend. They are loaded with protein, vitamin and several essential nutrients, to kick-start the day. While options to enjoy eggs in the morning are many, Nutritionist Mukherjee suggests, have it with toasted breads, along with some green chutney (mint-coriander chutney) by the side. Here’s an egg on toast recipe for you.

2. Moong dal dosa:

Dosa might find its roots in a South Indian kitchen; but today, it makes a popular breakfast meal across India. Besides, you will also find various unique variations to a classic dosa recipe to make it yet healthier (and of course, tastier too). Moong dal dosa is one such instance. Nutritionist Mukherjee states, pair your moong dal dosa with green chutney and tomato-carrot juice and enjoy a super healthy breakfast. Here’s moong dal dosa recipe for you. We also have the tomato-carrot juice recipe for you.

3. Gobi paratha:

Another delicious and healthy breakfast meal, as per the nutritionist is gobi paratha with curd and petha (ash gourd) juice. It makes for a wholesome meal and keeps you full for long. Click here for gobi paratha recipe. We found ash gourd juice recipe too.

4. Boiled egg:

For the ones who like having lighter meal in the morning, boiled eggs and fresh fruit/vegetable juice can be a perfect option to go for. You need to pair one boiled egg with five to eight almonds (preferably soaked and de-skined) and a glass of tomato-celery juice, recommends Nutritionist Anjali Mukherjee. We found a tomato-celery juice recipe, shared by Bollywood actor and fitness enthusiast Shilpa Shetty Kundra. Find it here.

5. Fresh fruit bowl:

The classic and most common breakfast meal is a bowl of fresh fruits. Mix a bunch of seasonal fruits together and kick-start your day with every essential nutrient. We have curated a list of delicious fruit chaat recipes. Click here to know more.

Now that you have the quick tips handy, we suggest, follow these tips and make your breakfast a healthy and tasty affair.

(Note: The recipes are not a part of the nutritionist-recommendations)