Britney Spears Just Dropped the Skin-Care Routine

Britney Spears has really been opening up about her beauty routine lately. Two months ago she took to Instagram with a long note professing her newfound love of makeup—seemingly inspired by a package of REM Beauty sent to her by Ariana Grande—and now she’s getting candid about her skin-care routine.

Spears posted another note to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, June 8, following a video in which she’s sitting in a Rolls-Royce and speaking with a British-ish accent while drinking Champagne next to husband Sam Asghari. In the note, she address how people have made rude comments about her eye makeup for years, but she talks mostly about her skin-care regimen.

“I’m sorry my face looks dirty but I’ve had emotional day and I have no makeup on 💄 !!! I know most people don’t like the way I do my makeup but honestly I have the best skin care routine 🤷‍♀️💁‍♀️!!!” she said. “When I was in French Polynesia I went to the spa 🧖‍♀️ and found my first French moisturizer product it’s a different language so I don’t know how to pronounce the name of it … but one of the names I do know is La Mer … it’s so thick but it smells so fresh then I layer it with Shiseido whitening cream cause I have freckles and brown spots !!!” We’re pretty sure she’s referring to the classic and famously pricy Crème de la Mer as well Shiseido’s Brightening Gel Cream.  

“I also use a Clinique mask every night 🌙  that I’m obsessed it’s the only one I ever use !!! When I apply it for some reason it’s always ice cold and it wakes me up 🥶😂,” she added, likely referring to the Moisture Surge Overnight Masque, which apparently is effective at hydrating skin so much that drowns out the haters. “So for those of you who want to judge my makeup not being perfect I think you know the rest 👋💋🍑!!!!”

So now that we know more about her makeup and skin care, hopefully we can look forward to Britney Spears sharing her favorite hair products soon too.

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This story originally appeared on Allure.

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