Best Skincare Fridges 2022

According to dermatologist Dr. Sarah L. Allen, a cooling effect has often been a staple in professional skin treatments: It can help soothe and calm the skin, and reduce redness and puffiness. So why not recreate this luxurious feeling at home? Using one of the best skincare fridges on the market can help you do just that. As the name suggests, this miniature countertop appliance can keep the items in your beauty stash nice and chilled. Eye creams and sheet masks are just a few of the products that are especially ideal when stored at lower temps for helping to reduce puffiness and also feeling great when applied on the skin.

Per Dr. Marisa Garshick, dermatologist and advisor of BioRepublic, cold temperatures may also improve the shelf life of a variety of skincare products. “Some ingredients like vitamin C are known to be unstable and can oxidize when exposed to light, heat and air,” says Garshick, so a skincare fridge may be helpful to maintain efficacy. Ahead, we break down some of the best options available.

Best Skincare Fridge Overall

A Top-Rated Model With Adjustable Shelves

At 13 x 9 x 13 inches, the 10-liter Cooluli Infinity Mini Fridge is the perfect size for storing skincare products that are less than 12 ounces. It’s dual-voltage, meaning you can use it just about anywhere in the world, and has a hot/cold feature that heats the fridge to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and cools it down to 35 degrees almost instantaneously. It also comes with two removable shelves for maximizing your interior space. Another major draw is its stylish design: It’s available in an assortment of fun colors, and has a sleek glass front and foldaway top handle.

Best Portable Skincare Fridge

A Super-Versatile 2-In-1 Option

There are several reasons you might consider this Chefman beauty fridge above all other options: First, it features a large LED vanity mirror that’s convenient for applying skincare. Second, it offers a heating and cooling function that will make using your beauty products and tools feel twice as nice. And finally, you can plug it into a standard outlet or car charger, making it excellent for portability.

Best Budget Skincare Fridge

A Good Bang For Your Buck

This fridge screams Barbiecore—but that’s only one of the reasons why we love it. The $34 price, retro design, easy-to-clean surface and lightweight feel are also key selling points. It’s more petite than some competitor options, but still comes with an adjustable functionality to add or eliminate shelf space. All in all, it’s the perfect pick for small countertops.

Best Luxury Skincare Fridge

The Lamborghini Of Skincare Fridges

Having a fridge that’s dedicated to your skincare is a luxury within itself. But if you want to take your storage solution up another level, consider this top-of-the-line model. It comes with a built-in light, adjustable temperature display, sheet mask organizer, removable shelf and a chic faux-leather top handle. And you also have the option to use it in eco or silent mode.

Best Large Skincare Fridge

A Roomy And Adaptable Storage Solution

If you want a skincare fridge that can easily accommodate full-size products, then this one’s for you. The 15-liter option offers ample space for storing bigger items, and comes with two removable shelves that help keep everything organized. A few more perks: It functions as a cooler and warmer, and can be plugged into a standard outlet or car charger.

Best Mini Skincare Fridge

A Pint-Size Pick With Plenty Of Features

If you have a pared-down skincare routine, this 5.32 x 5.52 x 7.88-inch mini fridge is perfect for storing your go-to products. It has a cooling and warming setting, a quiet motor and is freon-free for a safer, eco-friendly choice. This compact option also features a removable shelf and self-locking handle to keep its contents secure.