A Guide to an Easy Skincare Routine for Guys

We all know the iconic scene from American Psycho when a well-moisturized Patrick Bateman breaks down his exhaustive skincare routine. It’s a satirical look at the idea that those with regimented, long-winded skincare routines are calculated, cold, and psychopathic. There’s a grain of truth in that those with a regimented skincare routine usually live an organized, happy life, but aside from that, it’s all hyperbole.

The easy part of a skincare routine is upholding it, it’s the creation of the skincare routine that’s the really hard part. With so many products to choose from, each promising perfect skin, it can get confusing and overwhelming.

One easy fix for all of this confusion is copping your skincare products from a trusted retailer like SSENSE. That way, you know that they’ve been vetted before hitting the pages so they’re all pretty safe bets. Below, to help even further, Highsnobiety’s resident skincare expert Rhianna Matthews has put together a comprehensive guide to perfect skin and all of the tools you need to get there.

Shop the Highsnobiety-approved skincare routine below.


Where better to start than a good facewash? 111 Skin’s Exfolactic Cleanser exfoliates and soothes skin with a blend of NAC Y2, rosemary, and AHAs.


Toner is a fixture often overlooked in men’s skincare routines but a good toner can make all the difference. Valmont’s Vital Falls Toner features witch hazel extract, chamomile extract, and calendula extract.


If you’re feeling lazy and can only bring yourself to follow one step of this skincare routine, it should probably be this one.

Shaving Cream

Shaving can be a chore and without the right equipment, it can actually be painful and leave red marks and sores. As important as a sharp razor blade are the things you apply to the skin. Aesop’s shaving serum and post-shave lotion are a shortcut to smooth shaving.

Eye Mask

No part of the face shows tiredness as obviously as the eyes. That makes it a good place to focus your energy.

Face Roller

You’ve probably seen a quartz roller before. These things reduce puffiness and firm up your skin. Angela Caglia goes one step further by adding a vibration element. A face massage every day.

Night Cream

Applying a night cream just before bed can work wonders. While your skin goes through a lot in the daytime, it’s relatively untouched at night, making it the perfect time to soak up some hydrating cream.

Pigmentation Corrector

Mandelic acid, salicylic acid, organic rosehip, and tamanu oil come together for this pigmentation corrector that helps replenish your natural skin barrier.

Anti-aging Oil

The clue is in the name people. This one doesn’t need any introduction.

Facial Set

For those who made it this far, there’s a treat. Obviously, we recommend going all the way with our suggestions (you’ll notice the difference) but if you’re looking for a quick fix, Pharrell’s Humanrace Facial Set is a solid option for protection and rehydration in three minutes every morning.

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