5 Tips To Follow RN To Keep Your Nails Healthy And Looking Beautiful

Healthy nails and hair are often considered a symbol of health. The finger nails are composed with layers of a protein called keratin. Usually healthy nails are smooth, without lines or pits which do not peel easily. If you have brittle nails which often peel, Worry Not! We have got you covered. Strong, healthy nails are achievable by following certain changes in your lifestyle and food patterns. Besides eating a healthy and balanced diet, we have curated a list of easy tips and tricks which can enable you to achieve gorgeous nails. So what are you waiting for?

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5 Easy Ways To Get Healthy Nails Naturally

1. Minimize Water Exposure

Soaking your nails in water for a very long time can cause the nails to soften which ultimately breaks them. In unavoidable circumstances like washing dishes, use gloves to protect your nails. Avoid soaking your hands in water while taking a bath.


2. Keep Your Nails Short

There is a logic behind people advising you to trim your hair and nails occasionally. When the nails grow very long, it is possible that they do not get the required nutrients making them soft and brittle. We can also not forget that longer the nails, higher are their chances of getting caught in things and breaking.


3. Moisturise Your Nails Regularly

By moisturising the nails from the cuticles to the tips with a hand cream will repair, and nourish the weak nails and will avoid future damage by blocking moisture.


4.. Take A Break From Gel Or Acrylic Nails

No doubt a good manicure session and new nails raises your mood every time but very frequent sessions at nail spas can cause your natural nails to soften and break. It is important to go off gel nails and get the breathing break before two nail sessions. Also avoid painting the nails regularly. A breathing gap would make their quality and health better.


5. Avoid Direct Use Of Hand Sanitizers

We have been quite used to the use of sanitisers because of the pandemic. But we need to be careful while spraying them on your nails as their alcohol content leads to unnecessary drying off of the nails making them brittle. Apply the sanitisers on the hands but avoid spraying them over the nails.


Besides the following tips, you can introduce proteins ric food like eggs, fish and green leafy vegetables in your diet. Also consult your dermatologist for biotin supplements for strengthening brittle nails.

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